Ghosts of Kalamazoo Historic Tour

Mountain Home Tour Details

For those attending our Ghosts of Kalamazoo Tour at Mountain Home Cemetery on October 23 and 24, here’s all the details you need to know:


If possible, please try to be there at least ten minutes early. Please try to make your scheduled tour, but we’ll squeeze you in if you are a little early or late. Even if we’re sold out, we’ll do our very best to get everyone in – we never turn people away.

Where to meet/park

Mountain Home Cemetery is located at 1402 West Main St., across the street from Henderson Castle. We ask that you enter from the West Main entrance, but NOT park up front.

In regard to parking, it gets a little ugly back there. We’ll have you park in the BACK of the cemetery. Don’t worry, there will be signs and someone directing traffic. Thanks for your cooperation in advance.

Oh, and one more thing: carpools are your friends. The best way to manage traffic is to have as few cars back there as possible.

Google Map

What to bring

  • If you are going on one of the later tours, not a bad idea to bring a flashlight. It gets mighty dark out there. We will have some flashlights, but if you have your own, all the better.
  • Comfortable walking shoes – As the terrain is a little hilly, we aren’t recommending high heels 🙂
  • Weather looks like it could be wet on Saturday… We go rain or shine!

We’re looking forward to a great Tour weekend with you. Thanks as always for your support!