Ghosts of Kalamazoo Historic Tour

Summer Tour Details

For those attending our Ghosts of Kalamazoo Tour in Downtown Kalamazoo on July 20 and 21, here’s all the details you need to know:


If possible, please try to be there at least ten minutes early. If you miss your time slot, we should be able to work you in later in the evening – but make your best effort to get there on time.

Where to Meet/Park

We’ll be meeting in Bronson Park, right behind the courthouse (the corner of Rose and Academy). We recommend parking there as well, should be plenty of spots for everyone.

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What to Bring

For those of you who brought flashlights to previous tours this year, you can probably leave them at home for this one. We’ll be sticking to the well-lit areas, and summertime = more daylight 🙂

We’re looking forward to a great Summer Tour, thanks as always for your support!